Our New President’s inaugural address

The meeting in March, attended by about 15 members, was exceptional as it was the first opportunity in 2018 for our new President-elect, WBro. Peter Robinson, to be inducted by his predecessor WBro. Philip Myers. Various items of routine were dealt with. The appointment of WBro. Ken Olive to be the new Editor of the Transactions could hardly be described as ‘routine’, however, and he was warmly thanked for volunteering to undertake this most important role.

Peter Robinson - 2018 President MAMR

Peter Robinson – 2018 President MAMR

In accordance with ancient custom our new President then delivered his Inaugural Address.  In doing so he remarked that it was a unique occasion as he would be the first President in the history of MAMR to be elected for a fresh second term. On the former occasion he had spoken about the Egertons of Tatton, so influential in the Province of Cheshire over a long period. On this occasion he would be completing this by examining the role of Alan de Tatton Egerton (1845-1920), PGM from December 1900 following the death of his elder brother, Wilbraham. In 1909 at Stockport Alan presided over what was to be the largest Provincial Grand Lodge of Cheshire up to that time. The talk ended with a brief account of Alan’s son, Maurice, who led an extraordinary, bohemian existence, and on whose death in 1978 the Tatton Park estate became a flagship of the National Trust.

The President mentioned the remarkable start of the Lodge of King Solomon’s Temple No. 3464. It was founded on the Wirral in 1910 with a very prestigious slate of early members drawn from all over the world (headed by R.F. Gould, the great historian of Freemasonry). He left us with the question: why was it founded in Cheshire?  Answers please  . . .

Let’s Talk Masonry 2018

This years event took place at Salford, with over 100 brethren attending it was a hugely successful day which was enjoyed by all. The conference was honoured to have in the audience Sir David Trippier, Provincial Grand Master of the hosting province – East Lancashire.

The theme for this conference was ‘Exoteric or Esoteric’ and took a look at our First Degree in particular. The three principal speakers were Christopher Powell who brought ‘and illustrated by symbols’, Tony Baker presented ‘A Deeper Look at The First Degree’. After a superb buffet lunch Steven Reid presented the final talk ‘ Symbols – the bigger picture’

From left to right- Steven Reid, Chris Powell, Tony Baker and John Acaster

From left to right- Steven Reid, Chris Powell, Tony Baker and John Acaster

There were also break out sessions and John Acaster, a Past President of MAMR discussed ‘The Lodge Room – a Transformative environment.’

Chris Powell meanwhile held a break out session specifically for Installed First Principals  to discuss the discoveries made on attaining that high office.

Members of MAMR held a book stall offering the visitors a chance to snap up some great books at rock bottom prices!

Tony Baker (left) making additions to his masonic library with Roy Chapman

Tony Baker (left) making additions to his masonic library with Roy Chapman

Allan Shields (webmaster) and Roy Chapman (City Sykes District Mentor) assisted MAMR’s librarian Tony Costello with the book stall which proved very popular.

The event was very well organised and managed by The East Lancashire Provincial Education & Development team who work hard to make this annual event a huge success. Watch out for details of next years event and join in on a great day ‘making your daily advancement’

MAMR bookstall manned by (left to right) Roy, Tony and Allan

MAMR bookstall manned by (left to right) Roy, Tony and Allan


 Sergio Prezioso, a member of MAMR has had an article published in the latest edition of ‘The Square’.

Click below to download his paper ‘AASR in Italy- A Brief History’

AASR in Italy – A Brief History – Sergio Prezioso


Wednesday 27 September meeting:

Knoop, Jones and Hamer- Three English Masonic Historians.

The evening commenced with the opening and closing of the Lodge of Silent Temple No 126 using the original ritual of the lodge dating back to 1762. This provided an interesting start to the evening for the brethren, who then retired to the newly refurbished Library dining room to hear Chris Powell deliver his paper as part of the Association meeting

Chris Powell

Chris Powell

The trinity of Knoop, Jones and Hamer is probably second only to the importance of R.F.

Gould in the pantheon of Masonic historians in England. As a by-product of trying to unravel the mystery of Knoop’s lecture delivered to MLMR in May 1948 (‘Dr Anderson and the Charges of a Freemason’, subsequently forbidden by UGLE to be published) Bro. Powell has uncovered surprising links of both Knoop and Jones to Manchester and the North-West.

We learnt that out of the three only Knoop was actually a Freemason. He did have connections with Manchester having been born and educated there. He settled in Sheffield where he lectured at the university as Professor of Economics.

Jones was from Liverpool. He too became a lecturer at Sheffield and succeeded Knoop as Professor of Economics.

Hamer, was also from Liverpool. He served in the First World War and later lectured at Sheffield in English. Chris gave an interesting talk on all three authors and described that their work had ‘stood the test of time’.

Following the completion of the Association business Philip Myers – President of the Association declared the meeting closed and the brethren enjoyed a wonderful and delicious three course festive board during which Chris continued to enlighten the brethren with during the discussions that followed.

Phil Myers (President) centre with Lodge and Association members and visitors

Phil Myers (President) centre with Lodge and Association members and visitors

WBro John Acaster’s Visit to Denmark

WBro John Acaster (right) with his hosts

WBro John Acaster (right) with his hosts

John Acaster, Past President of MAMR, recently visited Denmark and in particular The Danish research Lodge  Sit Lux, where he gave a lecture. His Danish hosts made him most welcome as can be seen in the selection of photographs.

The festive board

Discussion at the festive board

There was much discussion at the festive board following the meeting

Spiritual Paths of Masons in Continental Europe

The brethren of MAMR were joined at the November meeting by WBro Dr Michel Jaccard, PhD at Manchester Hall.

The evening commenced with a meeting of The Lodge of Silent Temple which utilised the original Lodge opening and closing ritual dating back to 1726.

Following the closing of the lodge the Association meeting was opened and Bro Jacccard introduced, who hails from the French Swiss border area of Switzerland.

Michel is himself especially knowledgeable concerning esoteric interpretations, he was initiated in 1971, He is a Past President of GRA, the Grand Lodge Alpina Research group and is currently their webmaster. ( Professionally he is expert in R&D and Quality.Logo_gra_85

Bro. Jaccard informed the brethren about the background to Freemasonry in Switzerland with special reference to its symbolic and ritual richness. The first Lodge in Switzerland was formed in 1736 and today there are today 83 lodges with 3700 members. Female Freemasonry also takes place in Switzerland, taking the total membership to 5000 Freemasons.

European Freemasonry is often known as ‘Continental Freemasonry’ and usually linked to the so-called ‘liberal’ style of Freemasonry such as that practiced by The Grand Orient de France, who allow discussion on political, social and religious issues.


Bro Jaccard (left) with MAMR President Phil Myers at the festive board

With most European Freemasons belonging to Lodges that are affiliated to Grand Lodges who fully respect the land marks set out by The United Grand Lodge of England, this papare proved most interesting as it described the spiritual or modern paths in full agreement with Masonic values and rituals that many European brethren embrace.

Following the paper, the brethren retired for dinner where much discussion and debate continued on this most interesting subject.

The full paper will be available as part of the transactions book published later in the year.