Lodge History

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In the middle of the 18th century, Burnley, a small village at that time, some 25 miles north of Manchester was surrounded by farms and woodland.The population was around 2000 living in mainly thatched cottages of one or two room construction. It was at this time that there was both a tax on land and the number of windows in a property. People enjoyed a simple diet consisting of porridge, bread made from oats or rye with oat cakes and buttermilk. The average rent of the property of one shilling and beef was 2d a pound.

The seven years war (1756-1763) was in full swing with France and Spain for colonial power and supremacy which saw the foundation laid for Great Britain to become a maritime and colonial power.

It was on this backdrop that The Lodge of Silent Temple received its warrant as a lodge dated 27th December 1762.

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