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Wednesday, 25 September.

Bordeaux 2019

Several members of MAMR will have taken part in the ICOM conference held at Bordeaux over the 7-9 June weekend. The theme there will be A fertile half-century on both sides of the Atlantic. The roll-call of participants ( reads like a Who’s Who of active Masonic experts. This will be an opportunity for our members to report back with their individual impressions.

Tuesday, 26 November, within Lodge No. 126, tyled, at Manchester Hall

Austrian Freemasonry

Marcus Patnik, WM of Forschungsgesellschaft Quatuor Coronati Lodge, Vienna

Bro. Patnik is an energetic leader of Masonic studies in Austria. He edits their impressive annual Transactions, Quatuor Coronati Berichte, Wien. His insights form part of our continuing series explaining Freemasonry’s development on the continent of Europe.

Associated meetings

  • Saturday, 30 March. Let’s Talk Masonry conference at Salford Masonic Hall. Usually very popular. Program not yet announced. See: LTM 2019
  • Thursday, 27 June. Visit of Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076 to Shrewsbury. The speaker will be WBro. Mike Karn delivering his 2019 Prestonian Lecture
  • Freemasonry in World War I. Details will be published on our website: and on
  • The ‘Peterloo Massacre’ took place in Manchester in August 1819. There are several Masonic angles to this. It is possible that we could take part in the Manchester Histories Festival 2019 to raise awareness of Freemasonry among the general public. Volunteers required!

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Dining: Members and visitors who wish to dine after the meetings at Manchester Hall (January and November) MUST notify the general Secretary NOT LATER THAN SEVEN clear days before, enclosing the dining fee. The cost of dining will be shown on the website.