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Our meetings normally begin at 5.45pm, but this can vary according to location and subject. The general intention is to move around the north-western region to share variety and inclusion. But in the winter two months of the year, January and November, the meetings are held in the comfortable surroundings of the Third Floor, Manchester Hall, 33 Bridge Street, M3 3BT. These winter meetings are associated with the Lodge of Silent Temple No. 126, warranted in 1762, and are tyled. Locations are otherwise as stated on our website:

Tuesday, 26 November, within Lodge No. 126, tyled, at Manchester Hall

Bro Daniel Paccoud of the Grande Loge Nationale Francaise will talk on

‘Le Rite Francais’ – Its Origins & Peculiarities

Masonry as practiced on the Continent may differ in its essence and in its rituals from what is practiced in England. As an introduction, a general overview of the various different Rites practiced by the Grande Loge National Francaise [GLNF] will be given.

The Rite Francaise is probably the oldest rite practiced today worldwide. The French claim it derives directly from the founding Rite as practiced in England in 1717. This will be explored from its origins to today. To complete the picture Bro Daniel will provide a picture of the “side degrees” that form part of the Rite Francais. The inner meanings of the initiation ceremony of the French Rite will also be explored.

The chance to listen to the details of this particularly French ritual straight from a French Brother who practices it is one not to be missed.

Daniel Paccoud was initiated in 2006 into William Preston Lodge No.1003 of the GLNF in Paris (practicing the Ancient & Accepted Rite) and was Master of the Lodge in 2010-2012.

Daniel Paccoud

Daniel Paccoud

Among his numerous masonic research activities he has been Assistant Grand Archivist (2015), Honorary member of the GLNF National Lodge of Research, Villard de Honnecourt (2016). In 2018 he was appointed Grand Inspector of the GLNF. His responsibilities as Grand Inspector include relations with international Lodges of Research, being a member of the National Council for Instruction and history, and managing conferences on historic subjects.

In England he is a member of William Preston Lodge No.766 (EC) in London, and was its Master from 2013-2015.

Members of the MAMR wishing to attend should book as usual. All other Brothers are welcome and should contact the MAMR Secretary at if they wish to dine with the members.

Tuesday, 28 January 2020    Venue: Manchester Hall, 33 Bridge Street, M3 3BT

 Installation within Lodge No.126, tyled, with the Inaugural Address by

RWBro. Roger B. Pemberton, Provincial Grand Master of Shropshire

Angelo Soliman, Noble Moor and Mason

Mmadi Make, sold as a slave at Marseille became a friend of Mozart and as Angelo Soliman, WM of the most prestigious Masonic Lodge in Vienna. Roger Pemberton’s paper will outline what we know of Mmadi Make’s life, will provide a background to Viennese Masonry in the last years of the eighteenth century and will attempt to evaluate his personal contribution to the development of philosophical, esoteric and radical Freemasonry in Austria.

Thursday, 9 April      Venue: TBA

Freemasonry in Austria 1900-1955

Priv-Doz. Mag. Dr. Marcus G. Patka is Master of Forschungsgesellshaft Quatuor Coronati Wien, the Masonic research lodge of Vienna. He leads the production of its annual Jahrbuch. Expanded under Bro. Patka in recent years, it is now a very substantial equivalent to the English Ars Quatuor Coronatorum. The fortunes of the Grand Lodge of Austria are little known abroad. In Manchester we will have this rare opportunity to have light shed on the background to modern Austrian Masonic culture, at the centre of Eastern Europe.

Wednesday-Thursday, 27-28 May

A Spring Outing to York is being considered, and details will follow. See the website nearer the date

York is of legendary status in Masonic history. Its towering Minster is the largest medieval cathedral north of the European Alps. Many buildings mentioned as early Masonic meeting places are still standing and can be visited.  Of these, not least are the rooms used by York Lodge No. 236 as successor to the Grand Lodge of York. There is much to see and enjoy in this inspiring city.

Sunday, 19 July 2020

Summer visit to Langholm: annual parade of Lodge Eskdale Kilwinning No. 107 (SC)

Bro Ivan Eastwood will lead the visit to Langholm. It may lie not far beyond the border with England but it is definitely in Scotland. Its annual church parade is a memorable and colourful occasion, reminiscent of the processions to church common in northern England until the mid-nineteenth century. Ladies are welcome also to come, see, wave, cheer and listen and tea and sandwiches available.  A special experience – read about the last visit at

Wednesday 23 September 2020 Venue: Masonic Centre, Castle Hill, Whitchurch, Salop SY13 1BQ

RWBro. Roger Pemberton, our President will talk about one of the still remembered Shropshire Masons

Charles Shirreff and Lodge Whitchurch No. 1

Major Charles Shirreff, career soldier in Europe and the Americas retired to north Shropshire where he became a Deputy Provincial Grand Master between 1786 and 1795. In that town he founded Lodge Whitchurch No. 1 and became a signal nuisance to the Premier Grand Lodge. The large gravestone in the entrance hall of the Whitchurch Masonic centre is said to be his? But is it?

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