Veiled In Allegory – MAMR is back.

The first meeting of the Association since the resumption of masonic activity, took place at at Rochdale Masonic Hall on Wednesday 15th December.

Professor George Boys – Stones had been invited to give an ‘unofficial’ presentation of his Prestonian Lecture: ‘Veiled in Allegory. He had travelled from Toronto, Canada where he is currently Professor of Philosophy at Toronto University and a rare breed of Prestonian Lecturers invited to continue into a second year.

This was to be the only time that this year’s lecture would be aired in Lancashire so the Association felt it was a great privilege to welcome him to Rochdale.

George started the talk by introducing some back ground to his studies and interest in how English ritual had developed, his lecture showed how English ritual uses the construction of King Solomon’s Temple as a representative of the teaching of Aristotelian virtue.

Following a most interesting presentation our President Roger Pemberton thanked George and congratulated him on his research into the matter.

The members then retired for some supper in the lounge during which the conversations and questions continued along with a chance to catch up following months apart.

George (left) with our President, Roger Pemberton

Resumption Programe:

Our President, RWBro Roger Pemberton PGM (Shropshire) is very pleased to announce that following the resumption of masonic activity he can bring to you our programe of events for the remainder of 2021 and into 2022!

Wednesday December 15th 2021

Professor George Boys-Stones

Prestonian Lecture 2021  (This will be the only time the 2021 Prestonian Lecture will be delivered in Lancashire)

Wednesday January 26th 2022

Inaugural Address

Wednesday 30th March 2022

Alan Howls

Thomas Telford Operative and Speculative Mason

Friday to Sunday May 13th to 15th 2022

Visit to York

Wednesday September 21st 2022

Maxine Gilhuys

Freemasonry in Italy

Wednesday November 30th

Roger Pemberton

The Paradox of the Royal Arch as practised in England and Wales

Beyond The Craft

Mark Masons Hall have the following news regarding a series of informative and most interesting presentations and lectures ‘

You will no doubt have seen the various releases of episodes of the “Brother. Beyond the Craft” series of Podcasts, produced in association with Mark Masons’ Hall. These are proving very popular as an interactive introduction to our Orders. A great way for potential Candidates to find out more; a good source of additional information for new members; and there’s even some useful nuggets for those of greater experience.

We have curated this collection of all the episodes which you can share with you members, by email or social media, either as a whole or pick out the items relating to your Order.’ Click here to learn more

Top Hat But No Tails

The January meeting of The Lodge of Silent Temple saw a change of master and president for 2020. Allan Shields was vacating the chair and presidency at the end of what had been a sad year following the passing of stalwart member , John Acaster.

Allan opened the lodge and a eulogy for John was read by Robert Mitchell after which the brethren stood in peace for a moment or two.

He then handed the next part of the proceedings to Peter Robinson, a very good friend of the incoming master and President Right Worshipful Brother Roger Pemberton, Provincial Grand Master of the province of Shropshire.

Roger Pemberton (centre) with IPM Allan Shields (right) and installing master Peter Robinson

Roger Pemberton (centre) with IPM Allan Shields (right) and installing master Peter Robinson

Peter installed Roger in fine style,following which the lodge officers for the year were invested. It’s a busy night for the incoming master and Roger then presented his paper ‘Angelo Soliman, Noble Moor and Mason’

Sold as a slave in Marseille, Angelo became a friend of Mozart, master of the most prestigious lodge in Vienna. This proved a most interesting tale of how a humble slave sold during one of the most controversial parts of African history became a freemason. It was well received with Roger receiving a warm round of applause from his audience.

John Acaster was very much missed at this meeting, but he always advocated that the master of such an old lodge should, in keeping with how things were done at the time Silent Temple was consecrated, wear a top hat.

Lodge treasurer, Peter Nicholson had discovered that John had indeed purchased a top hat for this very purpose and had great joy in presenting it to Roger.

Roger sporting the top hat

Roger sporting the top hat

Now a Provincial Grand Master would of course wear his ‘tails’ at an installation meeting. However the lodge tends to go for a less formal approach but he did look very much the part with the top hat on!

Roger finally closed the lodge and the brethren retired to dine during which he was installed as the President of the association.