Veiled In Allegory – MAMR is back.

The first meeting of the Association since the resumption of masonic activity, took place at at Rochdale Masonic Hall on Wednesday 15th December.

Professor George Boys – Stones had been invited to give an ‘unofficial’ presentation of his Prestonian Lecture: ‘Veiled in Allegory. He had travelled from Toronto, Canada where he is currently Professor of Philosophy at Toronto University and a rare breed of Prestonian Lecturers invited to continue into a second year.

This was to be the only time that this year’s lecture would be aired in Lancashire so the Association felt it was a great privilege to welcome him to Rochdale.

George started the talk by introducing some back ground to his studies and interest in how English ritual had developed, his lecture showed how English ritual uses the construction of King Solomon’s Temple as a representative of the teaching of Aristotelian virtue.

Following a most interesting presentation our President Roger Pemberton thanked George and congratulated him on his research into the matter.

The members then retired for some supper in the lounge during which the conversations and questions continued along with a chance to catch up following months apart.

George (left) with our President, Roger Pemberton