Meeting at Manchester Hall on Tuesday 26 November 2019 at 5.45 pm.

This occasion will be special.

WBro Daniel Paccoud, a very senior official of the Grande Loge Nationale Francaise [GLNF] in Paris (who heads relationships between the Grand Lodge and its provinces) has accepted our invitation to attend and speak to:

The French Rite of Masonry (le Rite Français), its origins and particularities

He adds that his speaking to this subject has been officially approved by his Grand Master.

Bro Paccoud adds “We think that it could be interesting to present another way of practising Masonry, to stress the differences with the English practices. We also think that this choice is relevant due to fact that the ‘French Rite’ was largely copied from the rituals of the ‘Moderns’, and thus close to the original English practices.”

Daniel Paccoud

Daniel Paccoud

By way of information, Bro Paccoud is a leading member of William Preston Lodge No. 766 which meets in London. John Wade and I were invited to Paris to meet him and his colleagues in June to discuss how the relationships between our respective Masonic research organisations (specifically Loge Villard d’Honnecourt and Quatuor Coronati Lodge) could become closer. The visit and talk to MAMR in Manchester this November is the first-fruit of these discussions. It will hopefully lead to many other contacts in the years to come.

The visit is, of course, an informal one but nevertheless marks an occasion not to be missed.

John Acaster – Speaker Secretary.