The Manchester Association for Masonic Research was founded in 1909 both to encourage research into the subject of Freemasonry and to enable its members to become more knowledgeable through attending meetings and receiving the annual Transactions.MAMR logo

It is based in Manchester and while its membership is drawn mainly from the surrounding counties it does have a wider membership both across the UK and abroad.

MAMR is associated with the Lodge of Silent Temple No. 126, warranted in 1762. MAMR members can apply to become members of this body. Silent Temple provides an appropriate forum in which to explore and practise Masonic education in this old lodge through ritual. Installation of the Master takes place each January. Meetings offer the tyled atmosphere so necessary for inculcating the priceless Masonic culture of progressive respectful regularity.

‘To make a daily advancement in Masonic Knowledge’ is what we are exhorted to do. For many this is simply a piece of loved ritual, for others an aim to be striven for, cherished and enjoyed. The ritual does not give up its secrets easily. There are many places where the secrets can be revealed and The Manchester Association is the finest place to start.

Manchester Hall - The meeting place for the Association

Manchester Hall – The meeting place for the Association

Our members enjoy finding the highways and by-ways of Freemasonry. Speakers of the highest calibre present papers from a subject range across the whole Masonic spectrum coming to give us the benefits of their hard work. Not only that, but the fruits of their labours are gathered together withing the Transactions of the Association –  an annual feat that enables members to re-savour the snippets they have enjoyed to consider again the meaning of what they have learned and for those so inclined, to add their own researches and ideas.

Please see the current events section for further details of all events. The brethren enjoy a festive board following each meeting.