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Officers of the Association for 2015


WBro. John Astbury

Treasurer WBro. Anthony D. Costello PAGDC

General Secretary WBro. Richard Johnson PPrJGD

Membership Secretary WBro. Philip G. Myers PProvDepGReg

Programme Secretary WBro. E. John T. Acaster PProvSGW

Editor WBro. John R. Astbury PProvDepGDC

Librarian WBro. Anthony D. Costello PAGDC

A dozen reasons why you should join MAMR

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Or contact Philip G. Myers at 01282 601061; email:; 17 Hallwood Close, Reedley, Burnley BB10 2LQ

Current members are reminded that subscriptions are due on 1/1/2014 and should be forwarded to Phil Myers, MAMR Membership Secretary.


Join the Manchester Association for Masonic Research. It is the north of England’s foremost Research body, annually publishing a volume of illustrated Transactions containing contributions by leaders in the field. Speakers are often of international status. A century of its Transactions awaits exploration. This can provide stimulating material at otherwise routine Lodge meetings. Become a part of the Masonic learning curve today as we enter the next century of MAMR! Subscription rates are modest

Overseas subscriptions must be paid in GBP.


2015 Programme